Pokemon Trozei! (USA) Nintendo DS (NDS) ROM Download

Pokemon Trozei is a video game. This game is like a puzzle and It is for Nintendo DS. Pokemon game was released in Japan on twenty October two thousand five. This game released in North America on 06 March 2006 and It was release in Australia on twenty-eight April two thousand six. This game was release in Europe on five may two thousand six. The series name is Pokemon.

This is a very interesting game also. This is a smart game also for smart players. The developer of this game is Genius Sonority. The publishers of this game are the Pokemon Company and Nintendo. You can play this game in different modes. But the game is provided for two mo only. The modes are single-player and, Multiplayer. This game is a puzzle. The director of this game is Manabu Yamana.

The producers of this game are Kunimi kawamura , Hitoshi yamagami. The artist of this game is James Turner. The composer of this game is Tsukasa Tawada. This Pokemon game has mostly received positive reviews. You can play this game is different platforms Android, Mac, iPhone, and Windows. This is a very interesting game. This game is liked by all the players. If You are a beginner and you can play this game you can play easily.

Download Pokemon Trozei! Nintendo DS (NDS) ROM

Pokemon Trozei! ROM Download for Nintendo DS (NDS)

NamePokemon Trozei!
ConsoleNDS ROMs
RegionEurope, USA
PlatformAndroid, Mac, iPhone, Windows
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Game Play

You didn’t need any training to play this game. This puzzle game is very interesting. And this is very good and difficult to clear the all stages. You did not clear all stages only a one-time use. That is a very interesting part of like a mindset game. The game is a puzzle so you can see the blocks. These blocks fall onto both screens. And These blocks are on the bottom screen you can move them and match them.

These blocks move very easily and quickly. You can move these blocks only left and right. The Pokemon is also moves. That moves off the edge of the screen and also returns to the opposite side of the screen. You also moved the blocks downwards. The block which is on the bottom will move to top off the Calum. You also move blocks upwards but the condition is applied.

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The condition is that if the match is not made the block immediately falls back down. If the four of the Pokemon are in a row and the match is connected those pokemons disappear. When the match is four it will be created successfully. You have one icon named Trozei Chance. After that You have three pokemons allowed you to the. Short time the time is calculated its two seconds.

In that time the tree Pokemon match. The block is very easily moved. The smoothness of this game is very interesting. The game has very good graphics. This game is so improved. As compared to the old series. The puzzles are very simple also. One of the Ditto Pokemon also appears as a block. You also use it commonly. Every player has used it as a wild card. You can also match this with any other pokemons easily.

Puzzle game

This is a puzzle game as you also know. This is a very interesting game also. You can see the blocks in the game. And you also move these blocks. You can move their left and can move their Right. You can move them up and also move them down.

Game Story

You will also freeze the Pokemon in the game easily. The blocks move smoothly left, right, up, down. This is easy to make. You do not need any skills to play this puzzle game. This is very interesting to make a puzzle. They also help you to know every Pokemon. How does he look? If you are a beginner so can see some difficult puzzles also.

Updated Graphic

The graphics of this game is like a very high-quality game. The maker of this game is working on graphics also. This is very interesting to play a game. And gave another level of gaming to play game. You are a beginner and you did not play this game. So you also play this game easily. And also pass the levels quickly. This is not so difficult game.

Simple and user-friendly

There are no skills to play a game. This is a very good format. There are too many games. But this game is liked by all the players. The players also enjoy the game. And you can play this game in your free time.

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Multiple Levels & Sound Quality

You can see the multiple levels in the game. Each level has easy, medium, and Hard. You can play with your own choice. Each level is unique and different. You can also see the sound of this game is very interesting. You also see everything has her sound. The improvements in the sound make the game better.

New Pokemon

The new pokemons are very interesting. The new pokemons puzzles are lovely. You also know all the Pokemon in the game. If you see all the pokemons one time you can respond quickly.


You are alone and nobody plays with you. So you can play this game. This game is for a single player. You can also play this game on any platform. This is a very simple game. You can move the blocks and make puzzles in the game.

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