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Pokemon Torouze (Japan) is a video game. This game was developed by the creature Inc. This game will be released in Japan on 6 March 2010. In North America, this game was released in four October two thousand ten. In the Europe five November two thousand ten. The game is published by Nintendo and the Pokemon company. This game is easy to play you don’t need any skills to play this game. This is also liked by the players.

The developer of this game is Creatures Inc. You can play this game in a different mode. The game provides two types of modes. Single-player, multiplayer. The series name is you also know pokemon. The director of this series is Yukinori Tori. The producers of this series are Hiroyuki Jinnai and Hiroaki Tsuru. The designer of this game is Hiroshi Igarashi, Yasuhiro Ito, Satoko Harigaya, and Hiroshi Munekiyo. Yuusuke Yamaguchi, Takahiro Sawai, Yohei Asaoka, Yuko Shoji, Satoru Tsuji, and Ryoji Tanaka are the designers of this series.

The composers of Pokemon Torouze (Japan)are Kenichi Koyano, Shigeru Yoshida, and Keisuke Oku. This game also introduced a new region in the game Called oblivion. This region is made of four islands. You can play this game on different platforms. You can play on Android, iPhone, Windows, or Mac. The new features are very interesting in the game. The game is very adventurous. You can also capture the wild pokemons in the game. This is a very useful function to gain the Pokemon quantity.

Pokemon Torouze! [Japan] – Nintendo DS

Pokemon Torouze (Japan) rom

NamePokemon Torouze! [Japan]
ConsoleNDS ROMs
RegionEurope, USA
PlatformAndroid, Mac, iPhone, Windows
Pokemon Torouze (Japan)[wpx_btn_1]

Game Play

The game is to capture the pokemons. You can capture them with the help of capturing styler. You can draw a circle around the Pokemon by using the attacks on them. The Pokemon is Powerful and breaks the draw circle with her powers. The styler has started her work. The health of the styler is decreasing. You can capture the pokemons in the game and increase your level and XP.

The new features of call to the Pokemon to support and help her capture the pokemons. In the Pokemon Torouze (Japan), you can use guardian signs. The other feature added in a game like this is four-player cooperative play. This feature is with unique missions in the game. The Pokemon game is also include a feature of Wifi missions in the game. This is very improved as compare to the previous game.

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The previous two games do not add these game features there is no limit to capturing the Pokemon. In the new features, you can download your Pokemon photos And upload them. In your choice, you can do this feature only in that series. The ride Pokemon is allow the all players. To travel so quickly across the landscape. This feature is very like by the players.

The Pokemon game also includes four hundred plus pokemons in the Pokemon Torouze (Japan). These pokemons are provided a next-level experience. These pokemons are different from each other. You are a player and so you can see the game is approximately twenty Hours in length. If you obtained a hundred percent with the game you gave forty hours to the game.

New Pokemon

The new pokemons are also adding to the game. These pokemons are different, not the same. Approx four hundred plus pokemons are adding to the game. The battleground is for battle with the other wild pokemons. And also for other trainers. The battleground is very helpful in improving your strategies.

Graphic and sound quality

The graphics in the Pokemon Torouze (Japan) are very impressive. The graphics are upgrade as compared to the old graphics. It provides another level of gaming experience. The sound is very improved in the game. And also increases the sound.

Updated Game story

the game has an interesting story in the game. A new story is also added to the game. Which provides another level of gaming. This is more interesting and challenging in the game. You can control this game very easily. This are no more extra useless controls in the game. There are only useful controls in the game. The controls are easy to learn.

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Multiple Locations

The different islands have different locations in the Pokemon Torouze (Japan) you can choose your location in the game. This is very easy to choose your location. Because the game has multiple locations.

Easy to play

You can play this game very easily. And also very quickly. You don’t need any experience to play this game. This is a very simple and very interesting game like other games. You can play this game one time. If You don’t play any series of this game. So you don’t need any skills to play this game. This is very easy to capture the pokemons. And level upgrade with a battle with others.


You can try Pokemon Torouze (Japan) one time and you also play with your friends. The new pokemons are very interesting you also play with them. The new gaming storyline is very challenging which gives another level of gaming experience. You should try the Pokémon Ranger guardian signs.

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