Pokemon Toroje! [Korea] ROM – Nintendo DS (NDS)

Pokemon Toroje (Korea) is a video game. This is a puzzle game. This game works on all devices. You can play this game on Android, iPhone, Mac, or PC. This game is easily run on these devices and It is very easy to play. This game is available in Korea. The Pokemon has also launched a puzzle series. You can see the blocks in the puzzle. You can move those blocks. That block is move easily and is not difficult to play.

This is liked by all players. This game is given mainly positive reviews. You can solve the puzzles. And know the pokemons in the game. There are many pokemons in the series. You can also see that new pokemons are added to the game. This is very cool and interesting. The new pokemons are gave interesting gameplay. This is very important for improvement in the game.

This game is very easy to play and you also love Pokemon Toroje (Korea). The new pokemons are different. Some are fire pokemons and Some is a water Pokemon. Some a flying Pokemon etc. there are too many pokemons. If you are a new player and you have not played any Pokemon game m. So don’t worry you can play this game easily and so quickly. There are different levels in the game. you can see some is hard level.

Pokemon Toroje! [Korea] ROM Download

Pokemon Toroje! [Korea] ROM - Nintendo DS (NDS) Download

NamePokemon Toroje! [Korea]
ConsoleNDS ROMs
RegionEurope, USA
PlatformAndroid, Mac, iPhone, Windows
Pokemon Toroje (Korea)

Game Play

Some levels are too easy, some levels are medium. You play all these levels. These are very difficult and also interesting puzzle games. You can also play a Pokemon All series. The All Pokemon series is so interesting and so good. And all series have new content and new storylines. The Pokemon lover fans are given approximately ninety-two hours for gaming. To archive a hundred presents to the Pokemon Toroje (Korea). There is no limit to timing you can play every time.

As you know this is a puzzle game. you can play this game with a touch screen. This game has good graphics. In the game, you can solve the puzzles. The puzzles are not so hard. This puzzle makes a game very easy to play. You see the blocks in the puzzle. The blocks have their short pictures. You can see that all blocks have some cut pictures. You can move these blocks. And create a picture correctly.

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The cut blocks are moved in four areas. You can move him right, left, up, and down this is a very easy way to make a puzzle. You can see after solving the puzzle there is only a Pokemon drawing. If you know the pokemons. And you also play an old series of games. So you can solve puzzles easily. The blocks are very quickly moved. The blocks only have images, not a number.

Blocks take a space in every movement. You don’t have a limit of movement. You can move them as your choice. And you also loved the storyline and pictures of the game. Pokemon Toroje (Korea) puzzle game is liked by all players. This is a very interesting puzzle game. The new puzzle and new pokemons make the game too good. This game is very interesting and very smooth.

New Pokemon

The new pokemons also added to the game. These are very interesting pokemons. Every new Pokemon has her power. The new pokemons images are work in the puzzle. This is very interesting to know new pokemons by their photo.

Updated Graphic

The graphics of Pokemon Toroje (Korea) are update from time to time. There are too smooth and HD graphics in the game. They gave another level of experience in the game. This game has HD quality which helps to improve gaming.

Premium Sound Quality

The sound of this game is so good. You can see that everything has its sound and You can see that every block has its sound. Users can move that so you hear the sound also. You can play this game the easiest way and do not need any training to play this game. You are not need any experience to play this puzzle game. This is too easy to learn.

Puzzle Game

Pokemon Toroje (Korea) puzzle level is so difficult and also so different. These are very hard levels in the game. This game has no battle and no trade. You don’t capture pokemons also in the game. You just match the correct image of them. And win the levels of this game.

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Amazing Game story

This game is have a amazing game storyline. This is very impressive in the game. There is an amazing story. Every level is have her own story. You can also see that all series is have different storyline. These stories make gaming so much better.

Funny and Lite game

Pokemon Toroje (Korea) is a masterpiece game. And you can play this game in enjoy the moment. This game is very interesting to children. All the children liked it and also loved this game. This is a very light game that does not take up too much space in the game.


This is a very easy game for children. The blocks are very easily moved. This is a good puzzle game. As compared to the old puzzle game. This game is liked by all players. You can make a Pokemon puzzle in the game. This is for free no charge to play a game. You can also run this application on any platform.

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