Pokemon Edicion Blanca (Spain) ROM Download

Pokemon Edicion Blanca is a very good game that can be played easily with an NDS emulator. You can download the latest version of this game for free from this website. This is a very high-quality game that can be played with 3D graphics. The new updated version of this game is available for free. You can download it from this website.

This is a very beautiful game which released in 2011. This game can be play on any device like Android, Mac, iPhone, or Windows. Along with this, its size is 512 MB which you can easily download from this website. The story of this game is very beautiful because here you given different types of beautiful characters. You will play the game with multiple locations.

To make the game attractive, its graphic quality has also been improve a lot. I played this game many times and always liked its graphics. Because as modern and latest graphics are coming. The graphics of this game updated and the latest and modern graphics always use. Due to this, the user does not face any problems in playing the game.

Download Pokemon Edicion Blanca ROM

Pokemon Edicion Blanca (Spain)

NamePokemon Edicion Blanca
ConsoleNDS ROMs
PlatformAndroid, Mac, iPhone, Windows
Pokemon Edicion Blanca[wpx_btn_1]

Game Play

The player is sent to a place where he has to face many problems. The player progresses in the Pokemon Edicion Blanca by facing all the challenges. But in the meantime, the player finds a new Pokémon which tells him that there are more Pokemon here that are stuck in big trouble and you have to save them.

Now the player gets into a new trouble and starts a quest to save the new Pokemon. The player spends many days searching for new Pokemon but has not yet found any new Pokémon. In such a situation, the player remains very depressed for many days and is constantly searching for new Pokémon.

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But after a few days, he finds some Pokémon who tell him that the team leader has kept many Pokémon hostage. If you want to rescue the new Pokémon, you will have to fight the team leader. Hearing this, another problem arises for the player because the team leader is a very powerful team that has a big army.

Now the player needs all the Pokemon to expand his army. All the Pokémon get ready to battle him. But the player still maintains a smaller army than the team leader. So in such a situation, the player will have to face many problems while fighting with the team leader in Pokemon Edicion Blanca.

At last, the player gets ready to fight the team leader and prepares for the war. When the player prepares for battle with the team leader, he teaches some new training rules to train all the Pokemon at that time. Due to this, the player becomes much more powerful. Now the player is going to fight with the team leaders, will the player be able to win in this war?

New Pokemon

New Pokémon have also been share in the Pokemon Edicion Blanca so that you can play the game very easily. Playing the game with the new Pokémon seems quite interesting. About 255 new Pokémon have been add here. Which makes the game much more attractive. Along with enhancing the beauty of the new Pokemon game, it is also making the game easier.

Updated Graphic

The quality of graphics in this game has been updating so that now you will enjoy the game with graphics. Here quality 3D premium graphics are given which you will like very much. Along with this, this graphic gives a very smooth gaming performance with which you can play the game easily. This is a high-quality game that can be play easily.

Sound Quality

The sound quality in Pokemon Edicion Blanca is also very good which you will like a lot. Along with this, high-quality premium sound quality has been provided here. While playing the game, you will feel great listening to the sound quality as it will excite you to play the game. Along with this, it feels great to play games with this sound quality.

Team Leaders

Team Leader is a powerful team that is famous for its powerful army and Team Leader is looking to expand its territory. You have to stop the team leader from expanding the water. The team leader has captured a lot of Pokémon and I am making them do a lot of work to expand the water. You have to free those Pokémon.

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New Game story

After the new update, many changes have made to the graphic quality of the game as well as to the story of the game. Now you will find different types of locations in Pokemon Edicion Blanca. With this, the player will go to different places and search for Pokémon. As I told you, the number of new Pokémon has been increase. This will now make it easier for you to find Pokémon and you will be able to expand your army quickly.

Easy To Play

Very simple and easy controls have been given in the game so that you will be able to enjoy the game for free. If you want to play this high-quality game with the latest version, then you will have to click on the given download button. After that, you will be able to easily download this high-quality version for free. Its most updated graphic is available here.


I hope you liked our article, here we have shared with you the new story of the new Pokemon. Along with this, you will get many premium features in Pokemon Edicion Blanca which you can use for free. You can download the latest version of this Pokemon from this website. Its latest and updated version has been shared here which you will easily be able to download in high quality.

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