Battle & Get! Pokemon Typing DS (J) ROM

The Battle & Get! Pokemon Typing DS is also known as Typing Adventure. This is an educational game for players. This game was first released in Japan in April two thousand eleven. This game is not released in North America. The developer of this game is Genius Sonority. The series name is Pokemon. And the platform is the Nintendo. The game was released in Australia on 10 January 2013.

And released in Europe on 20 September 2011. This game is released in those cities on those dates. The publishers of this game are The Pokemon Company and Nintendo. The director of this Pokemon game is Manabu Yamana. The designer of this game is Akihiro Miura. You can not play this game in different modes. This game supports only one mode for a single player.

The programmer of Battle & Get! Pokemon Typing DS is Masayuki Kawamoto. The composers of this game are Azusa Chiba, Masaharu Lwata, and Kimihiro Abe. The producer of this game are Hiroshi yamagami , Takashi Fujii , Hiroaki Tsuru. You can play this game on different platforms like Android, iPhone, Mac, and Windows. This game is easily run on this platform.

Download Battle & Get! Pokemon Typing DS (Japan) ROM

Battle & Get! Pokemon Typing DS (Japan)

NamePokemon Trozei!
ConsoleNDS ROMs
GenreTyping Game
RegionEurope, USA
PlatformAndroid, Mac, iPhone, Windows
Battle & Get! Pokemon Typing D

Game Play

The producer and composer of this game also improved this game as compared to the old game. This also improved the quality and sound of this game. The better quality gives gave better experience in the game. This is very useful and very important to improve gaming quality. The new players also liked this game. The new Pokemon are also good. And you can also easily capture them.

Battle & Get! Pokemon Typing DS is an educational Game. This educational typing game is generated on a Nintendo wireless keyboard. You can play the role of the amateur typist in the game. And You can capture the Pokemons by correctly typing their name. You can also be a member of the elite Typist. The club is under the guidance of the professor. The professor’s name is Quentin Werty. In the game, you are playing the role of investigator.

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This game is a typing-like game. You can also collect the four hundred three Pokémon creatures in the game. You can also collect the achievement rewards in the game. In the game, you can capture specific Pokemons and earn medals. You can’t make any typographical erotica into the games. You also developed your skills of fast typing. This game is very easy to play and you don’t need any skills to play this game.

Battle & Get! Pokemon Typing DS is not so hard game. it’s only a typing game. If you are a beginner and you want to play this game. You don’t need any experience to play this game and also capture the Pokemon in the game. You capture the Pokemon by typing their name correctly. If you type their name correctly you also see the improvement in your typing. You can type in this game. And you have improved your skills.

Increase typing speed

You can increase your typing speed by using this game. In starting this is very hard and difficult to play. but after some time you can play this game easily. This is helpful to improve your skills and increase your typing speed.

Lite and Funny game

In Battle & Get! Pokemon Typing DS, you also enjoy seeing the Pokemon. And you don’t need to battle with them. You only type their name and capture the Pokemon. It is very helpful to enjoy the gaming experience. The sound is also improved in the game.

Interesting Game

You are also a member of this game. The players of this game liked this game. This is not easy to start. They can also give the achievement rewards and madles in the game. They are providing a feature to not battle with other Pokemon to capture them. You can just type their name and if the name is correct you can capture the Pokemon. And add him to your Pokemons list.

Easy To Play

You can play Battle & Get! Pokemon Typing DS very easily. You do not need any experience or any skills to play this game. The all Pokemon game is really good. This game is also for educational purposes. This game is also for children. You can see the multiple locations in the game. So you are bored with gaming. You can enjoy different areas and different cities on different islands. In the game. You can see the location is very beautiful.

Simple and Easy Controls

The controlling system is very easy. It is not difficult to control and this game is very simple. Every control is very useful there is no use less controls in the game. You can see that each one has her sound in the game. This is very interesting in the gaming.

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Updated Graphic

The graphics of Battle & Get! Pokemon Typing DS are updated from time to time. The graphics are very smooth and very interesting as compared to the old series. This is very important to improve the graphics. The better graphics are given a better gaming experience.

Learn Typing with Fun

You can learn to type with that. And also develop your skills for this game. This is very easy to play and you can learn with that too. That can help you to improve your typing speed. And also enjoy the game. You are a beginner so you also learn typing from there. You do not need any training to play this game. This game and the Pokemon are very good. You can also play the role of investigator in this game.


The Battle & Get! Pokemon Typing DS is very easy to play. This is a very interesting game. You can also learn with that game. This game has upgraded graphics and this is very good. They gave me another level of experience. This game is very interesting for capturing Pokemon. You don’t need to battle with them and battle with trainers. You can only type the Pokemon name correctly. So they help to capture the Pokemon and also affect your typing.

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