Pokemon Platinum Version ROM – NDS Download

You can play Download Pokemon Platinum ROM with an NDS emulator on any device like PC, iPhone, Android, Linux, etc. You will find all versions of this game available in this device which can be used easily. These are very popular games which are very easy to play. Along with this, you will get many features in it.

Pokemon is a very good role-playing game that can be played on any device like Android, iOS, Mac and Windows. You will need an NDS console to play it. With this, you will be able to play this game easily on all these devices with the NDS emulator. This game was releases in 2008, and users have liked it a lot. And many people have also downloaded it.

You have a very good interface in Pokemon Platinum ROM which you will like very much. Along with this, high-quality graphics have also used here so that the user will not have any problem playing the game. If you play the game with this high-quality graphic then you get a very nice interface. Along with this, it is available to run on any device. We have shared its latest version with you on this website.

Pokemon Platinum Version ROM – NDS Download

Pokemon Platinum Version ROM - NDS Download

NamePokemon Platinum Version
ConsoleNDS ROMs
GenreRole Playing
RegionEurope, USA
PlatformAndroid, Mac, iPhone, Windows
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Pokemon Platinum ROM [US][Europe][wpx_btn_2]
Pocket Monster Platinum ROM Japan[wpx_btn_3]

Game Play

In Pokemon Platinum ROM, the player has to go through many new challenges. With this, the player goes to different locations and searches for Pokémon. But the player gets disappoint many times. With this, the player encounters the young trainer Pokémon Trainer. He tells the player that the Pokémon is not available in this area. If he wants Pokémon, he will have to go to Team Rocket’s territory whose land is expanding.

When the player goes to the villain Team Rocket’s area, he encounters some team members on Team Rocket who tell him to run away. Because those people are expanding their land. In such a situation, the player demands to search for Pokemon there but they refuse him. And he says that this is our area and we will not let anyone do anything here. Due to this some fight occurs between the player and the Pokémon team.

After battling Team Rocket, the player goes back to the Young Trainer, who tells them that if they want to find a new Pokémon, they must stop Team Rocket from expanding the land. Along with this, gym leaders will also have to stop spreading water. Because these areas have the most new Pokémon, they will need a big army to do this in the Pokemon Platinum ROM.

The player starts building his army by taking some Pokémon with him. And starts preparing himself for fighting with Team Rocket. Player 1 attacks Team Rocket in which Team Rocket has to face a crushing defeat. But at the same time, after attacking Team Rocket, the player suffers a lot of damage and many Pokémon are kills. But after this, the player gets some more new Pokémon. Whom he includes in his team.

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New storyline

A new story has been including in Pokemon Platinum ROM. In which exploring the area, incident and many other things have included. Here the player has to search for a new Pokémon and he may have to face many problems. And you will have to go to different locations and search for the Pokémon.

New forms for Pokémon

Many new forms of Pokemon have also shared in it which you will like very much. With this, you can easily play games with these forms. Here you get a very good interface which you will like very much and you will be able to easily enjoy this latest interface. Playing Pokemon has become very easy with many types of forms.

Updated graphics

The quality of the graphics has also updated Pokemon Platinum ROM. Now you will enjoy the game with new graphics which you will find very beautiful. Along with this, high-quality 3D graphics have been used here which is quite premium and free. With this 3D module and animation graphics, playing the game looks quite fun. Its most special advantage is that it can be played on any device.

New Pokemon

New Pokémon have shared here that you will like very much. With this, the number of Pokémon has also been increased. Through this, the user can easily search for his Pokemon. You can also expand your team so that you can win faster than the opposing team. Along with this, here you may also encounter the villain Team Rocket.

Multiplayer features

The user will also get the multiplayer feature here so that he can easily enjoy the game with different players. Along with this, you will also be able to play this game with your friends. If you want to enjoy a good game with your family, then you can download the Pokemon game. And you can enjoy the game with your family and new friends.

Distortion World

In Pokemon Platinum ROM, a new world has shared for the user, through which he will see many different locations. An open world has shared here which you will like very much and playing the game with different locations is quite fun. If you are playing this game for the first time then you must read this article. This can help you a lot in playing the game.


Pokemon is a very good game that is also very easy to play and anyone can easily play this game on any of their devices with an NDS console. You will need an NDS emulator to play this game and with that, you will be able to play this game. You can easily download this game and the NDS emulator from the given link.

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