Pokemon – Volume 1 GBA ROM Download

Download Pokemon – Volume 1 GBA ROM is a role-playing game. You can play this game on any platform and can play on Android, MacBook, iPhone, and PC. You can play this game on these platforms. These are the best platforms for this game with the perfect smoothness. The graphics are fully supported on these platforms. This is very good for Pokemon players. Good gaming is better for players and beginners to be attracted to the game.

The game is liked by all players. There are a total of sixty-four volumes currently. There are approximately sixty volumes released in North America. In Singapore, forty-one volumes have been released. The first edition of the game. From volume one to volume seven have their word and their storyline. The Desperado Pikachu in the volume one. This is very interesting to a player.

These are release from time to time in every country. This is very important to release in every country. These countries are helping to promote this series. The Pokemon volumes have their title. In Pokemon Volume One there is Pokemon Adventures Red Blue and Yellow ROM. This is a combined mixture of that. This is a video game’s developers of this game are Game freaks. Pokemon – Volume 1 GBA ROM is the first time released in Japan.

Game Boy Advance Video : Pokémon, Volume 1 [USA]

Pokemon – volume 1 GBA ROM

NamePokemon – Volume 1 GBA
GenreRole Playing
RegionEurope, USA
PlatformAndroid, Mac, iPhone, Windows
Pokemon – Volume 1[wpx_btn_1]

Game Play

It is a part of the first volume of this game. There are many volumes in the game. The Pokemon Red and Green only released in Japan. You will battle with the GYM leader and the trainers of the Pokemon. If you defeate them you will be a Champion of this game. You can also catch the different pokemons. And also train them according to your choice. The gameplay of volume one is too easy.

You can control the Pokemon characters as you wish and can control your character from the top and also down perspective. Users can capture the many pokemons in the Pokemon – Volume 1 GBA ROM. You can train to capture pokemons also. There is a limit to capturing pokemons. You can capture only six pokemons in the game. Every Pokemon has its unique power. You can choose the Pokemon as your accordingly.

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You also chose the Pokemon in battle according to the opponent’s weakness. They also provide a feature of trade with the players. You can use it with the help of a link cable. There are one hundred fifty-one pokemons in the game. They also provide a feature of battle with another one. You can battle with other trainers and also earn the rewards. Like earning money, Experience points, and strategies.

There are various types of puzzles in the game. This battle with another is a very interesting part of this game. You can battle with friends and other players in the whole world. They also added side quests in the game. This is very important for beginners to learn the Pokemon – Volume 1 GBA ROM. They also provide features like a mini-game which is very different and useful. The Pokemon casino is also in a game. You can gamble and win the prizes.

New Pokemon

The New pokemons are adding from time to time in the game. The players are not boring in the game either. The new pokemons are entertaining. The new pokemons are not easy to capture in the game. The power of these pokemons is also upgrading.

Graphic & sound quality

The graphics quality of Pokemon – Volume 1 GBA ROM is so improved. If you are an old player you can see the old graphics are average. But the new gra is to improve and to great. The better graphics gave better quality and experience. The sound is also improved and good in the game. The sound is completely smooth. You can see that every Pokemon has a different sound. This is so interesting. You can hear the sound and guess the Pokemon.

Easy to Play

You can play this game too easily. And there is no permission to play this game. You can download it easily and quickly and play this game. If you want to capture the rare Pokemon. So you can go safari zone. There you can capture the different pokemons. And also new pokemons are added to the game. The graphics of this game are to improve as compared to the old series.

Best Game Play all Devices

This is good for all devices and there is no need to purchase a good phone. You can play this game on any platform. This is a very interesting feature of the game. Pokemon – Volume 1 GBA ROM is working smoothly. There is no glitch in the game

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New and Unique characters

the game introduces a new character. There is a very good and funny character in the game. You can play with them and enjoy the game. You don’t need any training to play this game. There is no need for money to purchase characters.

Download Easily

You can download this game easily way and you don’t need any high network to download this. You can download this game with a low internet connection. This is very easy to download. Easily available in the Play Store.


You just try Pokemon – Volume 1 GBA ROM one time. This is a very good and interesting game also. This game is no need for a good phone. The graphics are to improve also. The Pokemon is also added to the game. This is a very good feature. You also battle with others.

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