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The Pokemon Colosseum ROM is a video game. The game was released in Japan in twenty-one November two thousand three. In North America, twenty-two March two thousand four, and in Europe fourteen May two thousand four. The game provides two types of features in the game. You can choose one type is single- single-player or multiplayer. The series name is Pokemon.

They can sell many copies the copies are one million plus copies in the United States. The developer of this game is genius sonority. The publishers of Pokemon Colosseum are the Pokemon Company and Nintendo. The director of the Pokemon is Manabu Yamana. This series is very interesting. The producers of this game are Gakuji Nomoto, Hiroyuki Jinnai, Hiroaki Tsuru, Kenji Miki, and Shigeru Miyamoto.

The programmer of the game is Masayuki Kawamoto. The artist is you also knows his name if you play an old series.the name is shinichi Hiromoto. The series is known as the Pokemon name. The writer of this game is Kazunori Orio. The composer of this game is Tsukasa Tawada. This is the name of the maker of this game it makes him very helpful in making the Pokemon Colosseum ROM game.

Pokemon Colosseum ROM – GameCube Download

Pokemon Colosseum ROM download

NamePokemon Colosseum
GenreRole Playing
RegionEurope, USA
PlatformAndroid, Mac, iPhone, Windows
Pokemon Colosseum
Pokemon Colosseum [USA, Europe]
Pokemon Colosseum  ISO

Game Play

This game is a three-D role-playing game. In Pokemon Colosseum ROM, you can see with the third-person view. You can control a Pokemon trainer and you can choose her name as you wish. You can battle with the opponent trainer and complete the quests. When the game is starting the screen is switched automatically in the turn-based. In this case, the enemy and the player are fighting with each other.

Most of the battles in the game are double battles. In this double battle the two Pokemons on both sides. If you are a trainer you can carry only six Pokemons at one time. One time the trainer is defeated in the match. So the Pokemon and trainer both are switch out. No one left in the game. The shadow Pokemon has a purple gauge in the game. One time the Pokemon gauge is empty.

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The Pokemon player is purifying a Pokemon. The shadow Pokemon will be entering the match in a hyper-mode state during battles. The Pokemon Colosseum ROM also gave a quick battle mode. In the quick battle mode, the player is battling with the CPU trainer and the friends. You can also earn Poke coupons in the game. You can earn that coupon in the single-player battle mode. The game also provides a feature of a unique story mode.

In this mode, the player is through the various towns and islands. Battle with other trainers and collect the shadow Pokemon. In the game, there are many different areas to explore them. The Shadow Pokemon are the different types of Pokemon. This Pokemon is artificially made by the evil organization. That is going to be a more powerful Pokemon and these Pokemon ignore the commands of their trainers.


Pokemon Colosseum ROM has a different story as compared to the old series. The storyline is very unique and different. The story of the stolen Pokemon is to stop their evil plans in the story. All the players liked them. This is a very useful machine for capturing Pokemon. You can use this machine to capture the shadow Pokemon.

Shadow Pokemon

The shadow Pokemon is a very interesting part. This is the artificial Pokemon in the game. The players are recruited the shadow Pokemon. You can also purify these shadow Pokemon. If they are purified you can use them in the battle.

Play Any Device

Designers of the Pokemon Colosseum ROM are Kazunori Orio, Gakuji Nomoto, Akihiko Miura, Sayaka Yamazaki, Ryota Aomi, Chiharu Sugya, and Koji Ono. You can play this game on Android, iPhone, Mac, and Windows. The game is very easy to play. And the feature of capturing the Pokemon and battling with trainers is very interesting. If you are a new player and you play this game first time you can see the difference.

Battle Mode

The game also introduced a battle mode in the game. They allow all players to battle with their friends. This is a very interesting battle in the game. You can use two Pokemon on each side in the battle. at the same time, you can use it. It helps to win the battle.

Purification Chamber

This is a very helpful machine. The use of this machine is to purify a shadow Pokemon. This machine purifies many shadow Pokemons at the same time. This is a very helpful feature in the game. This helps the players to trade their Pokemon. They can do this with your friends. Only those who have a copy of the Pokemon Colosseum ROM.

Graphic Quality

The graphics quality is also improved. If you compare it to the old Pokemon series. You can see the graphics of this game are very increased. They gave a another level of experience to play a game. As compared to the old series. The storyline is very different in this game. This game is unique and interesting. The 3D battle provides a unique gameplay and gaming experience to the players.


Pokemon Colosseum ROM is very easy to play. The upgrade graphics are very important to improve the gameplay. The snag machine is very useful in the game. The double battle is very interesting in the game. The battle mode provides a feature to play with friends. The storyline of this game is very different and very unique as compared to the old series. The Shadow Pokemon is a very different Pokemon in the game.

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