Pokemon Alpha Sapphire ROM – 3DS and CIA Download

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire ROM is an advanced playing Video game. This game shows the Sixth generation of the Pokemon video game series. The game is developed by Game Freak and the game is launching in May two thousand fourteen. The Pokemon Alpha game was also released in Japan, North America and Australia on the 21st of November Two thousand fourteen.

The game is published by the Pokemon company and the Nintendo. The Director of the Pokemon Alpha Sapphire is Shigeru Omori. The designers of the Pokemon Alpha are Masafumi Saito, Kazuma Was, Masafumi Nukita and Suguru Nakatsui. The artist of the Pokemon Alpha is Mana Lbe. Ken Fujimori. The series name is Pokemon as we know. You can play this game in different modes.

The Pokemon Alpha provides a two-mode single-player and multiplayer player. You can also play online with your friends. The producer of the game is Junichi masuda , shusaku egami , Takato Utsunomiya, Hitoshi Yamagami. You can play this game on PC, android, iPhone, and MacBook also. The Pokemon Alpha Sapphire ROM will win the reward for the game remaster.

This is the funniest game and also an engaging game. The updated graphics of this game provide classic gameplay. New features are also add to the game which gives another level of experience. The game also has a mega evaluation for the players. It is helpful to the player to win the battles. You can use the mega evaluation with the help of mega stone and can also see the secret bases in the game.

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire ROM Download

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire ROM

NamePokemon Alpha Sapphire
ConsoleNintendo 3DS
GenreRole Playing
RegionEurope, USA
PlatformAndroid, Mac, iPhone, Windows
Pokemon Alpha Sapphire[wpx_btn_1]
Pokemon Alpha Sapphire (JP)[wpx_btn_2]
Pokemon Alpha Sapphire (CIA)[wpx_btn_3]


You can also play with your friends and play online with anyone in the whole world. The gameplay of the Pokemon game Alpha follows a traditional Pokemon formula. The player also plays the role of a young trainer. You can catch the Pokemon with the help of Pokeballs and can do a battle Hoenn region. You can explore the region and capture the Pokemon.

If you become a champion you can battle with other trainers. Each Pokemon has its own power and strength. You can train them and you can participate in another activity. If you want to win rewards so you can improve your skills. You can also improve your strategy. The Pokemon game also provides mega evaluation. You can use the mega evaluation it is liked by the players.

In this mega evaluation, the Pokemon improved their power for a certain time limit. This is for winning the battles and defeating your opponent. The one new feature name is Pokemon Alpha Sapphire ROM. It is used for the Nintendo 3Ds that provide a function to transfer their data with another player.

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The Pokemon Alpha it is also allows a player to play a quest and the Pokemon contest. The Pokemon game is a funny and likely game. The player has played the Pokemon series for a long time. They enjoy all the Pokemon series and new adventures. The new adventures and new Pokemon help to more exciting and interesting game. The update of graphics is very helpful in interacting with the game.

And the improvement in quality and sound is very useful. The mega evaluation is very helpful to win battles. A new battle is also added, Battle Mission. this is helpful to players to play against a powerful opponent and earn the rewards to win battles.

Updated Graphics

The Pokemon Alpha has added 3D graphics to the game. These are the best graphics to play the game they show another level of gaming. The Pokemon looks more attractive and colorful. The Pokemon Alpha Sapphire ROM also provides a feature of secret bases. The player can make their secret base. You can also decorate them.

Mega Evolution

The game provides a feature of mega evaluation. The player can use the mega evolution to win the battles and defeat their opponent and this allows the Pokemon to transform into the more powerful Pokemon.

Online Features

The Pokemon Alpha allows players to play online. With your friends and another person in the whole world. You can battle online and trade with another person. The Pokemon series is introducing a Pokemon Alpha Sapphire ROM is a primal reversion. This also allows the other Pokemon to the ancient and. Gain a new ability.

Battle Maison

This is the new battle facility known as Battle Maison. This allows the player to test their skills and strategies in the Pokemon Alpha Sapphire ROM. You can battle with powerful opponents. You can also improve your skills and earn rewards.


The players also use the legendary Pokemon in the game. The Latios and Latias fly over the game areas and explore new areas. If you complete a main story. You can transfer in the new quest known as the delta episode. In the delta episode, you can encounter a mysterious threat. In to the Hoenn region.


The Pokemon Alpha Sapphire ROM is the best game you play. If you play an old series you can see the improvements in the game. The graphics in the game are also improve you can see the mega evaluation also. If you are a beginner so you can play easily you can’t need any training. You enjoy the game also.

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